Is your organization ready to scale security?

Building, Training or Hiring a Purple Team can help considerably.

Do any of these situations apply to your company?

  • We don't know where to begin.
  • Our in-house team isn't able to detect breaches and needs training.
  • We do not have complete visibility into our infrastructure.
  • We don't have an in-house team, but want to build one.
  • We want to hire a Purple Team that's ready to go.
  • Our current process is too slow and not scalable.

If so, Oppeo Security can help you. Get in touch.

Why do we need Purple Teaming?

Many organizations place a great emphasis on preventing attacks from happening, but do not have any way to respond if something gets through.

If there are one billion attempts to hack your company each year, but only 0.00001% actually get through, you've suffered 100 breaches. In reality, attacks like this are mostly automated noise; targeted attacks have a much higher percentage of getting through.

What happens when they do get through? Is your company prepared to stop adversaries in their tracks? At Oppeo Security, we have highly-skilled penetration testers who likewise have tremendous defensive skillsets. We can provide you ready-made teams, or help you build them from the ground up.

Some of our advantages over the competition include:

Benefits Oppeo Security Traditional Penetration Testing Firms
Relies on outdated methodology   X
Relies on Scanners   X
Produces confusing, long-winded reports   X
Consistently produces no results   X
Helps you develop unparalleled visibility X  
Provides only Senior-level talent X  
Defenders are Penetration Testers and vice versa X  
Utilizes Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) X  
Very thorough X  
Longer engagements X  

Whatever the needs of your business, we can help. Interested? Get in touch.