Do any of these situations apply to your company?

  • Our servers are filled with ransomware or cryptominers.
  • We've been hacked and don't know how or why this happened.
  • Our in-house team is not able to discover how or why we're being hacked.
  • We hired another Incident Response / DFIR firm and they couldn't find out how or why we've been hacked.
  • We are noticing strange bills from our cloud provider that are disproportionately higher than before.
  • We need help recovering from a breach because we don't have enough internal resources.

If so, Oppeo Security can help you. Get in touch.

Why do we need Digital Forensics & Incident Response services?

Unfortunately, most organizations have suffered a breach in one way or another, even if their main services are untouched.

At Oppeo Security, we understand how and why this happens. Our Incident Response specialists are themselves ethical hackers with a deep understanding of how machines are breached, and how infections spread across an infrastructure. Moreover, our Incident Response and Threat Hunting packages include penetration tests as part of the package. We help you recover, and help you close these holes.

Some of our advantages over the competition include:

Benefits Oppeo Security Traditional Incident Response Firms
Overly expensive   X
Relies on outdated methodology   X
Produces confusing, long-winded reports   X
Can cleanse infrastructure at scale X  
Provides only Senior-level talent X  
Penetration Testing included X  
DFIR Specialists are also Skilled Penetration Testers X  
Utilizes Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) X  
Very thorough X  

Oppeo Security understands that not all organizations need everything we offer, so we can easily customize each package. Whatever the needs of your business, we can help. Interested? Get in touch.