Oppeo Security is a 100% Native-American-owned cyber security consulting firm established in 2019 with corporate offices around Austin, Texas. We approach cyber security by providing companies with unparalleled visibility into their attack surface through a highly-scalable blend of penetration testing, risk management and active threat hunting.

Our goal is to help organizations like yours promote growth and innovation by enabling security with an all-inclusive, highly-scalable and high-visibility approach that dramatically reduces your overall attack surface and frustrates attackers.


Our diverse experience includes:

  • Providing true Purple Team services by employing highly skilled threat hunters who are also skilled as penetration testers. Since our threat hunters are also hackers, we know what to look for, how to compromise things, and more importantly, how to fix them and prevent them from happening again - at scale.
  • Finding and eliminating skilled threat actors from the networks and cloud environments of companies we protect, as well as finding countless - even novel - vulnerabilities that could otherwise have catastrophic consequences if left unchecked.
  • Working to protect nearly every industry in the United States, including real estate, legal, health care, e-commerce, device manufacturers, news and media conglomerates, as well as educational institutions and many others.
  • Creating and deploying vulnerability management solutions for customers to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations, reduce attack surface and increase visibility of assets.
  • Helping to build, maintain and lead in-house Cyber Security teams for security programs such as Application Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps and Compliance.
  • Helping companies make product purchase decisions by evaluating use cases, supply chain risk and pricing.


At Oppeo Security, we strongly support an accepting, diverse and inclusive community inside our company, our services and beyond. As an employer, we stand against anything that would allow for discrimination on any grounds.

We have a hands-off approach to managing our employees, choosing instead to provide them ample growth opportunities for both for their personal and professional development. Our main commitment is keeping our employees happy so they'll take better care of you.

Moreover, we recognize that Native Americans are historically underrepresented in technology and have opted to provide free training in cyber-security, IT and programming to Native Americans. Are you a member of a federally-recognized tribe, and interested in jumping into cyber security, or another aspect of the IT field? Get in touch!