Cyber Security. Made accessible.

Oppeo provides a wide variety of security services to meet the needs of everyone - SMBs, public sector organizations, universities, and large corporations - at an affordable price.


Free up your organization’s resources by letting us find and fix your security problems.

Risk Management

Risk Management & Compliance

Maintain, develop and prepare for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 compliance.

Vendor & Supply Chain Diligence

Before you acquire a new company or do business with them, understand the risk presented by their security posture, or lack thereof.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

When you don't need a full-time CISO, we can provide vCISO services custom-tailored for your organization.

Vulnerability Management

Develop, maintain or improve a vulnerability management program that prioritizes weaknesses based on risk. All at scale.

Security Testing

Cloud Security Assessments & Architecture

If you're migrating to the cloud or plan to, we'll help. We also test your current cloud architecture to find weak spots.

Penetration Testing

Web applications, devices & Internet of Things (IoT), networks, data centers, satellite networks. You name it. We've tested it.

Phishing & Social Engineering

How well does your talent respond to email scams? We help educate your staff on how to avoid being phished and socially engineered.

Threat Hunting

Incident Response & Breach Recovery

Our world-class threat hunters will show you active threats in your infrastructure such as malware, cryptominers, various threat actors and more.

Blue & Purple Teaming

How well can your organization respond to adversarial behavior? We can go beyond traditional penetration testing to help you detect and respond.

Ransomware Prevention & Recovery

Prevent attacks or recover your data. Protect your cities and your intellectual property from devastating losses.

Customer Testimonials

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